"seriously talented" - Flagpole, Athens, Georgia

"...the production is flawless. While I know this is the result of Lopez caring very much about his craft... it can be slightly uncomfortable given the lyrical heaviness of the album. Almost like a photograph of a civil war-era lynching of Confederates set in a golden, hand-crafted frame. It draws your attention very close but doesn't allow you to forget the image. Lopez frames his songs in similar grandeur and, consequently, it's hard to turn away."

"historical, grim and tragic stories about rebs, raiders and regulators, miners, murders and mourning...have been turned into folklore by this talented storyteller"
ABC Pick of the Week, Flagpole

"I recommend this disc highly... All myths are not ancient... Lopez and his colleagues have given us a handful of glimpses into life as it was, and done so with admirable skill and style."
-Read the review at Rambles

"We're only about four songs in and I've pretty much decided to shell out the $12 for the album."
-Ben Gerrard, Flagpole

"Interesting stuff. I felt immersed in myth. Each song suggests a larger epic of which it is a part."
-Robb Holmes, WUGA Athens, GA

“Wow…stories that resonate with all the glory and heartbreak of the human condition…works like a charm.”
-Flagpole Magazine

"A stirring songwriter and a great player"
-Don Darue, KTHX Reno, NV

“Lopez is a revealing and compelling writer. His bare-bones style suits the landscapes and characters he tune-tends so carefully."
-Jim Burke, KUNR Reno, NV